As the monastery is still in the process of building the rooms with the chapel for the monks, it cannot currently offer accommodation. You can visit the holy monastery everyday or can call us  (269-521-3110) or email us (holyprotectionmonastery@gmail.com).


Pilgrim’s Guide

Dress Code


With respect for the sanctity of the House of God, and so that those praying in this holy monastery may not be distracted, we ask that you dress in proper and modest attire. 


Women are asked to wear long skirts, long sleeves, and head coverings. Women are also asked not to wear pants (unless under skirts), tight-fitting clothing, low necklines, skirts with slits, high heels, or hats. Furthermore, women are asked not to wear lipstick, especially when venerating icons or receiving Holy Communion. 


Men are asked to wear loose-fitting long pants and long sleeves. 


Socks should be worn with open-toed shoes. Please do not wear clothing with inappropriate messages and images. We also ask that you do not use perfumes and strong-smelling lotions in consideration for those with sensitivities to strong scents or allergies, as they may become unwell. 


The monastery has a limited supply of proper clothing that can be borrowed by pilgrims during their stay should they come unprepared. 


On the Grounds


Pilgrims are asked to conduct themselves modestly and quietly throughout the day and especially during quiet hours –between 13:30 pm and 16:30 pm– when the sisters and the other pilgrims are trying to rest, pray, or read. 


Pilgrims are asked not to enter in men’s rooms.


During meal times, we ask that you are silent in order to listen to the mealtime reading that nurtures the soul. 


Children should ALWAYS remain under parents’ supervision, whether outside on the monastery grounds or inside, and especially in the church, so that they do not disturb the atmosphere of peaceful silence and prayer. 


Weapons, hunting, and fishing are forbidden on monastery grounds. 


Smoking, vaping, and other legal and illegal drugs are strictly forbidden. 


In order to maintain the quiet atmosphere in the monastery and to prevent any accidents, pets are not allowed. 


Please keep your mobile phones on silent throughout the duration of your stay. 


Photographs may be taken of the buildings and of the grounds, but photos of the nuns and priests are forbidden. 


Please keep in consideration that the monastery is on Eastern Standard Time (EST/EDT) and not on Central Standard Time (CST/CDT). There is therefore a time difference between the monastery and Chicago and other western locations. For example on Sundays, 8am in Chicago is 9am at the monastery, when Divine Liturgy starts.  




Pilgrims are asked to participate at all church services. 


When entering the church, if the service has already begun, we ask that you venerate only the icons at the entrance. 


Men are asked to stand on the right side of the church (facing the icon of Christ on the iconostasis)  and women are asked to stand on the left side (facing the icon of the Theotokos). 


For Confession or spiritual discussions, we ask that you make an appointment with the spiritual father of the monastery, via email: holyprotectionmonastery [at] gmail.com or via the monastery’s landline, as mobile service is very limited in this area. We ask that you contact him in advance to be sure that he will be available. Confessions can be done in English, French or Romanian.


We hope that pilgrims will conduct themselves in a manner that respects the atmosphere of a holy place of prayer in order to receive a spiritual benefit under the Protection of the Mother of God and through the intercessions of our Righteous Father John Jacob from Neamt. We pray that your stay at the monastery will be filled with joy and blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ!